Antiproliferative in powder


  • Elimination of microbiological proliferation
  • Suitable with all metals, included aluminum
  • Not acid, not caustic, not corrosive
  • It can be used with any type of water, both hard and softened
  • Minimal encumbrance


Used during the cleaning of systems with low temperature, eliminates the bacterial proliferation and prevents bad smell development. Suitable for being used with all systems, included the ones with aluminum components, BP 700 Powder, eliminates biofilm from the system and guarantees the maximum efficiency with the minimum fuel consumption. BP 700 Powder can be used with any type of water both hard and softened. BP 700 POWDER Antiproliferative in powder, does not cause any corrosion if is left inside the system. Its formulation has a low environmental impact. Its formulation in a practical blister, simplifies its carriage and storage in the warehouse with the minimum cost.


  • 100 g - PRODUCT CODE - 300805001