Descaler non fumigant


  • Concentrated acid product
  • Colour change
  • Does not interact with ferrous metals
  • Removal of strong scales


DETEX PLUS is an acid product with high concentration with depletion indicator, particularly efficient and rapid for the removal of limestone layers, oxides and salts scales really strong from any type of sulfaces. DETEX PLUS is accurately inhibited and so, if used in a correct way, does not interact with ferrous metals, avoding heavy damages in case of dispersion and reduces the inhalation of toxic substances for the user. DETEX PLUS removes oxidations from: boilers – sanitary side, heat exchangers, pipes, coils, cooling circuits in copper and steel. Store the original sealed containers in a cool well-ventilated place, away from heat sources. Keep the container of DETEX PLUS Descaler non fumigant, tightly closed if not used. For further information consult the related safety data sheet. Because of the acid product features and, despite the employed coloring substances, during the time, may appear a chromatic variation. This, does not interact with the product efficiency.


  • 5 kg - CODE 300501E04
  • 10 kg - CODE 300501005
  • 20 kg - CODE 300501006