Proportional polyphosphates dispenser


  • Easy installation
  • Small dimensions, minimum weight
  • No modification to water drinkability
  • Suitable to protect boilers, kettles, washing machines, heat exchangers, from limestone and corrosion


Proportional polyphosphates dosing system for the anti-scale and anti-corrosive treatment of waters for drinkable use and inside systems for domestic hot water production for domestic and industrial use.
ECOPHOS Proportional polyphosphates dispenser, functioning with patented exclusive system, exploits the depression produced by water through the dosage device contained in the special disposable refill cartridge and so, determines the solution aspiration. ECOPHOS Proportional polyphosphates dispenser, is equipped with a level indicator, that once it reaches the bottom of the bowl, will indicate the solution depletion and the consequent need for its replacement. Cartridge consumption is proportional to the water consumption. The autonomy of 40-50 m3 is indicative and influenced by the temperature, from the frequency of use and frequency of sampling.


  • PRODUCT CODE - 300301002