Anti-scale liquid for hard waters


  • Efficient elimination of corrosion
  • Suitable for all metals, included aluminum
  • Food-grade purity degree
  • Ready-to-use product
  • Reduction of limestone scales


Liquid solution of food-grade mineral salts for the anticorrosive treatment for hydro-thermos sanitary systems, in particular for systems dedicated to the production and supply of hot sanitary water for drinkable uses. It stabilizes hardening salts inside hot and cold water, avoiding precipitations, immunizes heavy metals ions as iron and manganese, avoids the brown colour of water, avoiding corrosion thanks to the formation of a protective layer on the pipe. The solution contains Sodium Phosphate with high molecular weight. Feel free to download the technical data sheet to discover the proper dilution of PHOS L HARD Anti-scale liquid for hard waters.


  • 1 kg - CODE 300403E05
  • 10 kg - CODE 300403001
  • 20 kg - CODE 300403002