Polyphosphate in powder


  • High pureness
  • Compatible with all dosing systems
  • Suitable for drinkable water
  • Efficient action on limescale, avoids corrosion


Product in powder composed of a combination of mono and polyphosphates of sodium.
Used combined with any type of polyphosphates dosing system, stabilises calcium and magnesium salts, and prevents precipitations. In addition, it avoids the brown colour of water and prevents corrosion phenomena, by creating a protective layer on the pipe. Used combined with all proportional dosing systems, PHOS-P Polyphosphate in powder, may be used for the treatment of cold and hot waters. Thanks to its composition, it is also suitable for water destined to human consumption. Add 50 gr. of PHOS-P Polyphosphate in powder, inside the container, blending it inside 35/40 gr. of water. Let the compound harden for about 30 minutes before using it.


  • PRODUCT CODE - 300302004