Powerflushing pump for medium-sized systems


  • Easy to carry
  • High performances
  • Operating up to 70 °C
  • Exclusive design


Transformer Combi HF 110 has been designed to offer to the final user a solid product, multifunctional and with unique features present on the market. This product guarantees to the maintenance technician to operate both with products suitable for the restoring and conditioning of closed heating and cooling circuits, and with products with an acid base to descale.
This product has the maximum modularity, also expressed in the shapes, that makes it customizable and extremely versatile.
The supporting structure in varnished aluminum is hooked to a tank in shock resistant, reinforced and antacid polypropylene tank. Pump with antacid vertical axis, braided pipes, equipped with closing valves and flexible connections to simplify the connection to the system. 3-ways valve for the fast flows exchange, and PVC, anticorrosive fitting. The pump is equipped with a tap on the lower part to simplify the drain of the tank.


  • PRODUCT CODE - 301301006